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Lasting Memories and Broadened Horizons, Two Top Reasons to Travel

Executive Travel makes it simpler and more cost-effective to create lasting memories and to gain new perspectives while traveling to new places and in luxury fashion. We have first-hand travel experience ourselves, and have also learned from our many members’ past experiences, the true value that lies in traveling widely both at home and abroad.

Lasting Memories

There are many reasons to travel to new, unfamiliar destinations. Sometimes the main motive is business-related, sometimes it is fully for pleasure, and often, there are elements of both involved. But, regardless of the immediate purpose of the trip, it is always possible to make memories that will last a lifetime.

An excursion to an un-experienced location may be the fulfilment of a long-held dream. It may represent the opportunity to finally see sights you have always wanted to see and to finally engage in activities you have always wanted to take part in.

For example, those who love to shop may find a trip to New York City a genuine “shopper’s paradise.” Those who love to ski may never forget a vacation to the snow-covered French Alps. Those who love Chinese food may well treasure for a lifetime the chance to taste authentic Chinese cuisine in China itself.

Some of the elements involved in traveling that tend toward lasting memories, however, go beyond simply doing what we love. They are, instead, better described as “learning to love new things.”

For instance, encountering and acquiring a taste for entirely new flavors of food, overcoming your fear of heights during a helicopter tour of Grand Canyon, and going on a fun adventure in an African wildlife preserve all could be a part of your upcoming vacation.

Taking an abundance of photographs, meeting new friends with whom you will later correspond, and bringing back unique souvenirs are all ways to keep the memories of your trip alive for many years to come. You can assemble a photo album, keep in touch with new acquaintances through email or Facebook, and decorate your home with trinkets from your travels.

Broadened Horizons

But the results of travel are not all a matter of reviewing past experiences. Travel causes you to encounter new people, cultures, and languages, and serves to “broaden your horizons.” That is, it tends to give you new and broader perspectives on life. In this respect, travel can be as much an educational experience as an opportunity to simply enjoy oneself.

Beholding natural wonders like the Great Barrier Reef or Niagara Falls will enhance our appreciation of nature. Visiting interesting historical sites like the Great Wall of China or the Tower of London will give us a better understanding of history and help us to learn its valuable lessons. Even attending fiestas, colorful parades, street-side markets, and other entertaining activities will enable us to gain new appreciation for a diverse cultures.

New character traits and life skills can also be encouraged by traveling to new locations. You may learn to wake up early so you can see and do as much as possible each day. You may also learn to relax and sleep in on occasion. You will need to develop math skills when you convert currency, calculate time zone differences, and make adjustments between the metric and English measurement systems.

If you travel abroad, you will learn to overcome, day by day, the challenges of living in a radically culture. You will begin to see things through the eyes of others, and this will give you insight and perspective. Upon returning home, you may well see your own culture in a whole new light.

Patience, creativity, and organizational skills can also be promoted by trips to new areas. Scheduling and budgeting skills will certainly be required. Your experiences at managing time during your vacation will help you to strike that balance between planning out a full slate of activities and leaving sufficient time relaxation or for doing something spontaneously.

A trip into “unfamiliar territory,” whether cultural or geographical, can be a source of inspiration and an aid to obtaining or sharpening many skills of lifelong importance. New experiences and new ideas gained in your travels can lay the foundation for a new perspective with a “broadened horizon.”

When Is the Best Time to Travel?

In regard to local weather, ticket price differences, and seasonal events, each destination will have its own “premier travel months.” As to time of life, there are three main times when travel becomes more practical for many:

1. While still young, before tighter finances and more demanding responsibilities prevent one from getting away

2. In one’s golden years, after retirement, since there is often an increase in leisure time at this period

3. In between jobs or during a major life transition, when ordinary occupations temporarily let up
While certain times of year and stages of life see greater traveling activity on average, we at Executive Travel understand that there are an overabundance of great reasons to travel and that anytime is the right time if you are ready to enjoy yourself and learn new things.

Executive Travel can help you plan and execute successfully a trip you will long remember and much benefit from. We can suggest to you numerous popular destinations and ensure you are aware of the best tourist sites that exist in each area. From beginning to end, our experienced travel concierges will be able to arrange a trip for you that will be both enjoyable and educational.

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