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How Luxurious Accommodations Optimize Your Vacation

Our staff at Executive Travel is well acquainted with the benefits of staying at a luxury-level hotel or resort. While the country, state, or city you are visiting will typically be the primary focus of your trip, the accommodations will certainly have a huge impact on your overall experience.

We have special working relationships with luxury hotel providers all over the world. We can get you VIP status and valuable discounts at establishments like Ritz-Carlton, Hyatt, Hilton, and Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. We can also arrange your stay at upscale lodges, villas, campgrounds, and even private resort-islands.

There are thousands of luxury residences you can choose from, all of them having their unique appeal. Some of the most common amenities and features of luxury travel accommodations that set them apart and make for an optimally enjoyable vacation are mentioned below.

One major benefit of using Executive Travel for all of your travel needs is the ability to take advantage of the fact that we do not keep any travel agent commissions. Instead we pass those savings onto our Executive Travel members in the form of rebates or as savings depending on the vendor.


Many hotels offer free shuttle-bus service to and from the local airport and may even be willing to drive you to local markets and tourist stops within a given radius of the hotel. Additionally, there may also be on-site or adjacent car, bike, and boat rental facilities. You can count on adequate parking space being available, and some hotels will include valet parking services. In some cases, even limousine rides may be available.


Most high-class hotels will operate one or more on-site eating establishments. These restaurants, cafes, snack shops, and bars will offer unique, healthy, and delicious menu items. In other situations, an all-inclusive meal plan will be offered or a complimentary continental breakfast.

There may also be barbecue grills, picnicking areas, and banqueting halls ready for your use. Your quarters could come with a mini or full-sized refrigerator, a full kitchen or kitchenette, and a microwave. Complimentary coffee and tea are common, in-house dining is sometimes available on a 24/7 basis, and you can even sign up for culinary arts classes.

Superior Rooms

Spacious, elegant rooms abound at top hotels and resorts. You can expect extra walking space, bed space, and shower/bathroom space. It is not unusual to have a panoramic view of mountains, grasslands, cityscape, or the ocean from your veranda or window.

Wi-Fi Internet, telephones with voicemail, clock radios, televisions, DVD players, and more keep you connected to the world and fully entertained while relaxing in your room. Irons and ironing boards, hair dryers, bathrobes, and laundry facilities take care of your practical needs. High-security door locks and 24/7 security keep you safe.

Finally, it is well worth mentioning that high-class hotels will bring you top climate control, including both cooling and heating. After all, your vacation would suffer greatly if you had to endure uncomfortably hot or cold accommodations.

Recreation and Health

Full health spas, well equipped exercise rooms, and comfortable lounges are common features of luxury hotels. Indoor and outdoor pools, jacuzzis, and saunas are also often available.

Water sports, golfing, tennis courts, volleyball nets, skiing and winter sports, basketball, horseback riding, and more are sometimes offered. Libraries, beauty salons, and on-site entertainers are among the other

special offerings of upscale hotels.

Helpful Staff

The hotel/resort staff are no less above-average than are the accommodations themselves. A concierge desk will be there to answer your questions and assist with your needs. Daily housekeeping services will keep your sheets turned down and your premises spic and span. You can even order butler service at some establishments.

Room service is almost always available, sometimes on a 24/7 basis, and is typically of a very high caliber. You can arrange wake-up calls, order extra towels, request a cot or a specific DVD, or notify clean-up crew of any spills or problems.

Many staffs at international luxury resorts will be multi-lingual, which will allow you to communicate easily in English as well as give you a chance to practice a foreign language. It is also possible to get wheelchair accessible rooms and hearing-impaired services. Finally, many large hotels will have a doctor who is always on call and can assist you if any of your travel group fall ill.

Optimal Location

Many of the best luxury hotels and resorts are as much valued for their great location as for their quality services. The residences may be built by the side of white-sand beaches, in pristine mountain valleys high in the Alps, or along beautiful stretches of famous rivers like the Rhine or the Danube.

Besides the immediate surroundings, a second advantage many top-tier hotels have is central location in regard to tourist stops. Being relatively close to most of the activities and sightseeing spots that you have listed on your itinerary is a huge bonus.

Business Needs Met

When traveling for corporate events, it is very convenient to utilize the business-related services of luxury hotels. Conference rooms can be rented, currency exchanged at the hotel itself, and in-room or front-desk safes can be used to store valuables.

Child-Care Needs Met

Some hotels will offer babysitting services and will have full-fledged children’s programs to keep your younger children entertained. When you want to get away for a romantic evening with your spouse and not have to worry about your kids’ safety, these child-care services become invaluable.

Miscellaneous Services

We have by no means exhausted the list of benefits of using luxury hotels and resorts on your vacation. On-site boutiques and gift shops, complimentary morning newspapers, shoeshine services, pet-friendly accommodations, and more may be available. Additionally, you can arrange weddings services, birthday parties, and other events in conjunction with many hotel staffs. These types of events become even more memorable when held in a luxury environment. Finally, if you arrive early or wish to prolong your stay, many hotels have check-in-early and check-out-late programs to accommodate you.


The rooms and on-site facilities at top world resorts and hotels set them apart from the average experience. First-class amenities, transportation provisions, an abundance and variety of great-tasting food, an indefatigably helpful staff, and much more awaits you when you use the best accommodations during your U.S. and worldwide travels.

At Executive Travel, we have deep experience with a wide array of hotels and resorts of the highest quality. We know how to select accommodations that are superior across the board as well as those that excel in specific areas. Our members receive meticulous assistance from their personal concierge in choosing the accommodations that will best optimize their upcoming vacation.

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