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Travel Concierge Program

Our travel concierges are consultants who are experts at arranging trips to/from particular destinations. You can inform your personal concierge of any elements you desire to be a part of your upcoming vacation. He/she can also go through a list of travel possibilities for that destination and give you insight into what others have done at that location and what will work best for you. Thus, you can expect to benefit from the past experiences of others even while also creating your very own unique experience.

We will address every tiny detail of your excursion so that everything is fully arranged before you even arrive at your destination. We will work closely with you and your travel companions to individualize your itinerary and maximize the enjoyability of your trip. Because you are a member of Executive Travel, you can also expect to receive all of these benefits at reasonable rates that your budget can handle.

Many of our members use our concierge service for all or most of their travel planning and routinely comment on how satisfied they are with the experience. Our insight into the travel industry and our focus on each individual customer’s needs allows you to focus on family and fun at high-end hotels and plush resorts where enjoying your vacation is made easy. Unlike other travel agencies we do not keep travel agent commissions, we instead pass those onto our members in the form of savings or as a rebate depending on the vendor.

Specific Concierge Services

While your Executive Travel personal concierge will be more than happy to assist you with every need that may arise, including those not listed here below, some of the most common services our concierges provide are as follows:

• Selecting a destination and/or planning out the details of your trip’s itinerary

• Securing all needed airline tickets

• Arranging hotel and resort reservations

• Arranging for your stay at villas, rental homes, and condominiums

• Helping you make reservations at upscale restaurants

• Making arrangements for attendance at entertainment activities, cultural events, outdoor excursions, etc.

• Making your car rental reservations or luxury transportation arrangements, whether by ground and air

• Setting up cruise line packages

• Expediting your passport processing needs

• Making sure you and your luggage are safely transported to/from each airport

• Scheduling group travel events, whether for weddings, business trips, extended family vacations, or any other purpose

• Scheduling spa treatments, tee times, and a host of other details

From romantic getaways to complex international vacations to a simple night out on the town, we have you covered from first to last. Do not hesitate to ask your personal concierge any questions you may have and for all assistance you need in perfecting your travelling plans. If by any chance you find yourself working with a specific concierge representative and would like to continue working with them, you are always welcome to request that agent exclusively for all of your future travel needs.

How can we help you?

To learn more about your case and how the team at Executive Travel can help, fill out the form below and contact us for a free case evaluation.