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Reasons to Use Our Concierge Services

Time Share Travel Customer ServiceAt Executive Travel, we do all in our power to alleviate our members of all the work and hassle involved in planning a trip. At the same time, we ensure that the travels they experience live up to their high expectations, and in fact, exceed them.

Below, we present two scenarios to illustrate the positive difference our travel concierge services can make in both the planning and enjoyment phases of your vacation. The first scenario will give examples of the problems and stress that sometimes arise when undertaking to arrange a trip without any professional assistance. The second scenario will highlight how one of our personal travel concierges can save you from experiencing such difficulties and enhance the value you get out of your vacation.

Scenario One

Numerous possible problems will be combined in this single “worst case scenario” for illustrative purposes. Most likely, all of these troubles would not strike in one and the same trip, but several of them easily could, which would be enough to significantly impact your vacation.

1. You have a hard time deciding on where to travel. You know you want to go to an international destination and enjoy some tropical weather, but beyond that, you have few concrete ideas in mind. You end up choosing Bangkok, Thailand because you remember your former college roommate had a wonderful experience there.

2. Ticket prices are higher than you expected, and you can’t seem to find an airline with an ideal departure/return date. Finally, you purchase the tickets, but you are not fully satisfied with the situation.

3. With little time left, you realize your passport will need to be renewed before you leave. You also discover, at the last minute, that you must get several immunization shots. It is a costly and stressful rush to process the passport and vaccines, but you manage to struggle through it.

4. Upon arrival in Bangkok, you find you have planned a trip for monsoon season, which will drastically cut down on your activities. Not familiar with local transport, you end up paying too much for a taxi to take you to your hotel.

5. You chose your hotel carefully, but you find it less luxurious than the advertisements had suggested. Wi-Fi exists, but it is weak and must be used in the hotel lobby. A pool is present, but it is not up to your sanitation standards, and it is always over-crowded.

6. You try to make reservations at a top-tier, local restaurant you learn about from the hotel staff. Unfortunately, it is booked up for the next three days- so you have to wait. The next restaurant you try is closed for remodeling. You finally find some excellent establishments, but only after several disappointments.

7. Unsure of what sites to visit and what events to attend, you desire a tour guide to take you through the city. You hire a guide, but in the end, feel like you have been charged too much and have not seen the city like you had wanted to. You adventure out on your own as well, but leave Thailand feeling like you must have missed out on many of the best tourist stops- even though they were right under your nose the whole time.

Scenario Two

You use Executive Travel’s concierge services to help you plan the perfect trip. Your experienced, personal travel consultant will be able to prevent most travel problems from ever occurring and there will always be someone available to handle any difficulties that do inevitably arise, so that you don’t have to hassle yourself with them.

1. Your concierge sense you are not quite sure where to travel, so he presents to you a multitude of possibilities. You at first think of Thailand, but after learning it will be monsoon season there, you opt for South Africa instead.

2. Your concierge immediately asks you about your passport status, and expedites the renewal he finds you will need. He also arranges for you, without delay, a few necessary immunizations.

3. After a quick search, your highly experienced travel consultant finds you the best possible rate on your airline tickets. He also uses his extensive familiarity with the hotels in Cape Town, South Africa to recommend to you the most luxurious accommodations.

4. You arrive in Cape Town and quickly access your pre-arranged rental car, which you will use throughout your stay. The amenities and facilities at your hotel are incredible, you enjoy VIP status, and the view from the veranda is breathtaking.

5. Since your personal concierge has already secured several restaurant reservations for you, you have no trouble getting in to dine at the classiest establishments. The tour guide, whom Executive Travel had recommended and scheduled, thoroughly introduces you to Cape Town and the interior. You leave South Africa feeling like you have experienced much of the best it has to offer, though you do long to return someday to see more.


There are a number of practical benefits that accrue to you when you join Executive Travel and avail yourself of our country-specific travel experts. On the one hand, those benefits can be broken down into such categories as the following:

• Arranging superior transportation and accommodations, often at discounted prices

• Assisting you with passport and visa requirements, immunization rules, luggage transport, and other pertinent issues

• Scheduling restaurant reservations, appointments with tour guides, tickets to cultural events and theme parks, and a wide array of other activities

However, the benefits of using our luxury travel services can also be outlined in another, more general, way:

• We give you confidence that nothing has been overlooked and all of your vacation time will be fully utilized

• We save you time and stress by handling your arrangements for you

• We save you money on luxury travel accommodations via packages deals and special relationships with upscale hotels and resorts

Every time you travel, there are a multitude of details that must be taken into consideration. These details change with the destination, and a personal travel concierge from Executive Travel can help you avoid the pitfalls and take advantage of the opportunities.

How can we help you?

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