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Travel Services

Time Share Save MoneyExecutive Travel was first founded in 1997 by an owner who realized from personal experience on the limitations of traveling and sought to create a viable alternative. While timeshares can be ideal when they are located somewhere you never tire of visiting year after year, they also limit your flexibility and incur a charge regardless of whether you use them or not.

We at Executive Travel have grown into the number one travel club in the United States, currently having a membership over 100,000 strong. Our members are given wholesale prices on luxury travel accommodations, along with the ability to stay at any without ever having to own one. The net result is a cost-effective way to enjoy a totally unique, luxury-level vacation every single time you feel the need for a special getaway.

The Benefits of Membership

Joining our travel club will give you easy access to all of the elements necessary to make your vacations well organized, memorable, and optimally enjoyable. We have connections with over 5,000 luxury resorts, some 144,000 hotels, top cruise line companies, all major airlines, car rental businesses, and more scattered throughout the globe.

Our travel consultants are more than adequately equipped with the tools and expertise it takes to fully arrange the your trip. We can present to you a host of options spanning over 100 nations worldwide, iron out all of the complex details involved in coordinating your travels, and secure for you valuable discounts and packages.

We treat every club member with the utmost respect and deliver to him/her the highest caliber of customer service. We strive to not merely meet but to exceed your expectations of personal service and hassle-free trip planning. In the interests of meeting this goal, we will appoint you a personal travel concierge.

Member Access